God desires fellowship with us. He gave Moses the specifications of the Tabernacle. The pattern of the tabernacle given to Moses was the replica of the heavenly tabernacle and its sole purpose was to host the presence of God. When iniquity abounds, and the YHWH the tabernacle designed by human hands was no longer worthy to host the presence of YHWH, the Lord made A Way for us. He blessed us with His only son, Yeshua Messiah, to cleanse our sins, and give us another opportunity to offer our body as a living sacrifice, and made our body become the temple which He now dwells in.


What a mighty privilege is it to carry the presence of God in us. The Worship Army at LightHill sings hymns, psalms, proverbs, and the Word of God, We worship the Lord with our musical instruments and praise Him unceasingly. We join heaven in singing with our voices, clapping our hands, clashing the cymbals and tambourine, joyfully. We testify that as we lift up the gates of worship, the King of glory come in. The Worship Army will inspire a hunger and thirst to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 

We welcome consecrated worshippers, those who are willing to dig the wells of praise and worship until the King of glory comes in.

Throughout the Word of God, we see worship as a central theme of God’s people. Worship, together with the proclamation of God’s Word, is the central focus of our services. The Worship Ministry seeks to enhance the worship experience of God’s people by allowing the Holy Spirit to use each of us to facilitate, inspire and encourage all who come to our services, to enter into a place of uninhibited worship to God.



You must live a consecrated life

Follow the Worship Army rules & regulations (dress codes, practice schedule etc)


Minister unto YHWH and usher the congregation into His Presence using various musical instruments.   


Add vocal dynamics to our worship team with the gift of your vocal chords.    









Please email amen@lighthill.church if interested to request more information.