The Prophetic Ministry at LightHill shares the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ - to edify, exhort, comfort and build up believers int hier faith. Our prophetic ministry hours are Saturdays between 9AM and 1PM. Our prophetic minstry times are incorporated with prophetic worship sessions. When you arrive, you'll be asked to sign-in at a terminal as you come in. You must be part of the worship service to receive prophetic ministry. Worship is our primary call, and a time of soaking before you enter into the prophetic minisntry. 


We strive to keep the integrity of the prophetic ministry hence we adhere strictly to the following protocols.


What to Expect


1. You must be signed in and receive a queue card to receive prophecy after worship.

2. Bring your writing materials or recording devices to take with you the word that was given to you. 

3. We do not prophesy to anyone privately to enforce accountability. 

4. We do not lay hands, except when the Lord has prompted us to and with your permission. 

5. Prophecy is an invitation to worship,  prayer, obedience and obedience. 

6. Prophecy is not an advice, or counsel or order; but the mind of God that should be tested for validity with the Scriptures.

7. If you do not attend the worship session, there is no prophetic ministry. Sorry, no exceptions!