Nations may be led by leaders and communities run by authorities, but in the corridors of heaven, history is shaped by intercessors through the numerous trips they make on their knees. We firmly believe God still does what He did 2000 years ago after the day of Pentecost - The miracles, the signs, the wonders and the demonstration of His power.

At our prayer meetings,  we pray like Jabez - to  be set free from the stronghold of pains, we pray like Hannah - to receive deliverance from all forms of barrenness, we pray like Moses - to intercede for our communities and the nations, we pray like David - to defeat the enemies of our souls, we pray for the mighty release of wisdom to stand ahead in business, career, academics, and life. Our meetings turn out to be effective as we record powerful testimonies of healing and wonders.

Here is a personal invitation to you. We are asking you to enlist in God's army of prayer marshalls, who pray unceasingly to bring down the Lord's will here on earth as it is in heaven, pull down the strongholds of darkness and walk into your divine purposes.  All you need to do is to show up at any of our meetings and register at the door.