The Voice of My Works

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Teacher: Abigail Gabriels

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Our works are to be taken as a service unto the Lord. Because our deed begins with a thought, both our thoughts are deeds make up our works before the Lord. Proverbs 23:7 say as a man thinks, so he is . That’s why every action begins in the mind.



Our works do have a voice. The voice of our works speaks in its raw state. The raw state is the true state of our mind and the motivation behind our works


For the person who has added the right mix of raw materials, people say the quality of your work is good. In the sight of God, there are only two kinds of people: 


The workers of righteousness and workers of iniquity(Mathew 7:23). The workers of righteousness are those who establish their works based on Romans 12:1


The voice of my actions,

The voice of my secret deeds

The voice of my open deeds ,

The voice of the sentiments ,

The voice of my thoughts towards others ,

The voice of my secret desires, 

The voice of my countenance, 

and the voice of my wishes,


What are my works?


My works are my thoughts and deeds. Our works have voices reaching back to the Lord and giving Him reports.


Examples of works

The works of pride,

The works of humility ,

The works of the builder,

The works of the destroyer,

The works of the Encourager,

The works of the naysayer,

The works of the truth ,

The works of lies ,

The works of manipulation

Examples of the works that spoke in Scriptures

The voice of The works of David is so powerful that it speaks for the descendants of David’ ,


The voice of the words of Jabez mother spoke so loud that it spoke pains and failure into the destiny of Jabez.


The voice of the works of Dorcas spoke when she was gone. Acts 9:31-36.

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