SPIRITUAL WAR MISSIONS: Breaking Free from the Yoke of the Spirit of Pharaoh

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Spiritual War Missions

God has given us a powerful revelation on spiritual war missions, and we share in this series called "Spiritual War Missions". In the "Spiritual War Missions" series, you will learn the powerful secrets God wants His children to learn how to live an oppression-free life. The Lord hurts when the words of Psalm 14:4 are fulfilled over His children. God says in 14:4, "Do all these evildoers know nothing? They devour my people as though eating bread; they never call on the LORD". God is pained deeply when His people are devoured. Will God watch His people to perish? Not exactly, but people do perish when they lack the knowledge God has made available to them. That's why Hosea 4:6 says, "my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge". In order words, ignorance of the knowledge of God kills, it kills enmasse and very fast too. This is why the Lord has revealed to some of these secrets, so we all learn to become enlightened.


Spiritual war missions are complex in nature, because the spiritual realm is an enormous world on its own. It is vast, the human mind cannot comprehend. In the spiritual world, most physical rules we know about does not apply. Spiritually, there are cultures of different types, creatures of different tribes, and a lot of rules that doesn't make sense when weighed on the scales of logic. It is that complex, yet we must win spiritually if we must succeed in the flesh. How then can we win in a world our human brain knows so little about? God has us covered. Our Father, the Lord knows the length or breath of the spirit realm because He designed all things, including the spiritual. We have a Father whose power is vast and who has all things under His control.  He created it all - the phsyical, spiritual and all other realms unknown to us, 


Despite the complexities of the spiritual world, God wants us to be well-informed, because each of us has an existence in the spiritual. In His word, He says, "The spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual" - 1 Corinthians 15:46. This Scripture talks about the spiritual component of human. Hence, we must live in awareness that a part of us also exists in the spiritual realm. 


War is one of the lifestyles of the spirit realm. Apostle Paul teaches this basic lesson of the spirit realm in Ephesians 6:12 - For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. There are other spirits, forces, kingdoms warring against the children of God.  As a Bible-believing Christian, you must know how to war spiritually, because many are the dark powers that seek to fight against you spiritually, just because you are of the Lord. Today's article teaches about a spirit called "The Spirit of Pharaoh" and how to win against the spirit of Pharaoh in the spirit.


What is The Spirit of Pharaoh?

The spirit of Pharaoh is not an individual, but a spirit which works through men and women of hardened and darkened hearts. The spirit of Pharaoh is a wicked spirit of slavery that seeks to lock people out of their purpose. The spirit of Pharaoh is an oppresive spirit. It was the same spirit that was at work in the life of the king of Egypt in the Biblical times. This spirit wickedly wicked! It holds onto its captives to make matters worse, it rages when it perceives the captives desire deliverance. The spirit of Pharaoh seeks to prevent from the worship of the Living God. Most people who are under the oppression of this spirit cannot truly worship God, because this spirit supervises hardship and ensures the minds of it captives are burdened that there is no peace or calmness to worship. The spirit of Pharaoh sponsors slavery, taking ownership of its captives, and seeks to own them until it totally destroys them. So wicked is this spirit that it multiplies oppression upon its captive, so that the captives ends in destruction. 



Identifying the Spirit of Pharaoh

The spirit of Pharaoh can enslave and oppress mentality, financialy, physically, or emotionally. When people labor under extreme hardship without profits from handwork, when people are held bound in satanic relationships, financial slavery, mental slavery, emotional slavery and the likes. It may be the spirit of Pharaoh at work. When hardships keeps getting stronger, and all hopes are darkened. These are signals that a person may be held bound by the spirit of Pharaoh. It is time to consider asking God for immediate intervention. 


Breaking off from the spirit of Pharaoh cannot be achieved with gentility. It can only be achieved by radically warring in the fullness of God’s power. The spirit of Pharaoh is unrelenting, and never gets weary of evil. The spirit of Pharaoh can only be confronted by the demonstration of the God’s raw power. It does not yield to gentle warnings or logical reasonings. The spirit of Pharaoh will employ magicians, sorcerers, enchanters and all forms of dark powers to fight against a captive who seeks freedom.


Anyone who finds themselves in the captivity of Pharaoh has just two choices. The first is to get delivered, and the second is to stay in captivity.  Choosing to stay in captivity will keep Pharaoh’s mind at rest and he will not trouble such people, knowing that he has consumed their essence. Those who choose the way of deliverance will invite Pharaoh's wrath, encounter its resistance, but if they remain steady and fearless, they will triumph in God's glory.


Breaking Free Yokes of the Spirit of Pharaoh 

Any Bible-believing Christian  who finds themselves under the bondage of the spirit of Pharaoh must first consider this Scripture, “And Moses said to the people, “Remember this day in which you went out of Egypt, out of the house. Of bondage; for by strength of the house of the Lord brought you out”. - Exodus 13:3.


To successfully fight and win against the spirit of Pharaoh, you cannot be a lukewarm christian. You cannot be a compromising Christian, you cannot be a Christian who neglects the way of God and only seek God in times of trouble, you cannot be a God-user, but you must carry on the fullness of the image of Jesus Christ. You must be like Jesus and cut away all other ways that are not the ways of Christ. Then, will the fullness of God’s power work in you, and the Lord will deliver you by HIs hand. 


There are two major prayers that brings God's speedy intervention to assist in the war against the spirit of Pharaoh, and they are:


1. Lord, in the name of Jesus, let your finger show forth its creative powers in my current situation in the name of Jesus.

2. Lord, in the name of Jesus, deliver me by the strength of your right hand from the bondage of Pharaoh. 


When prayed consistently, you will experience positive results in Jesus Name. (Amen)


In Christ,

Ebenezer & Abigail Gabriels.

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