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The Dorcas Example From Acts 9

There was a woman named Dorcas. She was a disciple. She was known for her acts of kindness and good works. She suddenly fell sick and died.. Dorcas’s good works spoke for highly of her even in her death. Other widows showed Peter her creations. - Acts 9:36-39


Challenge question: What are you known for?


— What are the ur principles of your life?

— What are you known for at work, in school, in church? 

— Do you have multiple personalities to fit multiple occasions?


Key people in the bible and what they are famous for

— Joseph was a man of integrity. He refused to sleep with his boss' wife despite the consequences.

— Noah was a righteous man. 

— Daniel was a man of understanding. He was a man of insights.

— Moses was a humble and meek person, Israel's famous leader.

— Deborah was a female prophet known to lead Isreal war.

— Hannah was known for her patience and persistence in prayers.

— Cain is remembered as a murderer who killed his brother.

— Jezebel is remembered for domination and control.

— Delilah was known as a lover who was responsible for the downfall of Samson.

— Elijah was known as the prophet of fire who was taken up in a Chariot of fire.

— King David was known as a worshipper, and poet, and a man who won God’s heart. He was highly prophetic too.


Beyond the eyes of men, we also have a reputation before God.


The Lord said to me, “Even if Moses and Samuel were to stand before me, my heart would not go out to this me. - Jeremiah 15:1

The Lord recognized Moses and Samuel as intercessors - Two of the greatest intercessors in history.

Even if these three men----Noah, Daniel, and Job ---were in it, they could only save themselves by their righteousness, declares the Sovereign Lord. - Ezekiel 14:20

What’s your standing before God?  Does God know you to be a person of prayer, a worshipper, or the one who only calls on Jesus when they're in need?


Key Takeaway

Our purpose must be discovered to understand the nature of the assignment given to us by God. We are to surrender to the leadership of the Holy Spirit to show us the way. When we walk in our purpose, we are able to walk joyfully into what God has called us to do. When we do not, we waste time playing catch up on other people’s assignments.



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