Holy Spirit: A Minister of Excellence

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Excellence is a ministry of the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God is the One who empoowers us to excel. Excellence sought outside of the Holy Spirit leads to fuility. Excellence, as it is in heaven means  supremacy, highest, of the highest distinction, the best of the best. Excellence is a known trait of God. Our Father, Yahweh is the God of Excellence.  In describing His Excellence, He introduces Himself as the King of kings and the Lord of lords (Revelation 19:16) The Scripture further reveals that anyone who is aligned with the Lord also carries the traits of His excellence, starting with His son - Jesus Christ, Yeshua Messiach. 


The Son of Excellence

Jesus Christ, the First born, the Son of the Most High God is placed in the most place prominent position of excellence, above all kings, and thrones:  Jesus our Lord was given the most excellent name. The heavenly hosts bow to worship him, He has been given the highest of the highest authority - and as His followers, being led and directed by the Holy Spirit, God’s plan and expectation of Excellence for believers (Psalm 16:3, 2 Peter 1:3,  1 Peter 2:9, Romans 8:29 ). At the time of our salvation, the spirit of excellence become accessible to us.


Believers are called into excellence to become like the Son

Our place as believers is to be excellent in Christ. The spirit of excellence of the is only found in the lives of God’s people. God’s expectation for us is to excel spiritually and in all that He has called us to do.  Some of the expectation of God for us is spiritual growth and maturity, spiritual authority, spiritual leadership and soundness. When spiritual authority is gained, we experience excellence in the physical realm in all areas - our purpose on earth, family life, career, business, and all godly undertakings.


Where there is no excellence

The spirit of excellence rests upon the children of God. It is not appropriate for a person whom is called the child of God to be lacking the power of the Holy Spirit to work in excellence. What does the absence of the spirit of excellence look like? When people get stuck in a state, the spirit of excellence may be lacking. Where you see mediocrity, inferiority, deficiency, inadequacy, lowliness, faults, disvalue, excellence is not close by. When the spirit of excellence is lacking, people work and reap little, the heaven is closed up and a person’s economy becomes dry, confusion sets in; they become restless and wanderers.  Where there is no excellence, you see instability, people are being tossed to and fro, there is no excellence. There is no spiritual excellence, no excellence in purpose, but stagnancy, there is no excellence in career, there Is no excellence in knowledge, in speech, in understanding, in thoughts and all other areas of life. The Holy Spirit does not minister excellence to people who are under a curse.


The spirit of excellence and the curse of Reuben

Does the absence of the spirit of excellence means a person is not of the Lord? Sometimes not! A person may have given their lives to Jesus but still experience no excellence because of the presence of certain curses that has not been broken. It may be that a person's past, or the past actions of their parents or someone in the ancestry is still hindering the works of the holy spirit in the area of excellence thruogh a curse.

Curses hinder excellence. One of the main curses opposing the spirit of excellence is the curse of Reuben. This curse is blantant and is bluntly against the spirit of excellence. They do not go together. When the Reuben-like curse  is at work in the life of a person, the spirit of excellence will never rest on that person. A person may be subject to the curse of the Reuben if they were the first child of their parents and they have not sought the Lord in prayer to break the occurrence of this curse over their lives and their descendants. They may find it hard to excel or maintain excellence. They may fall short in everything while other siblings excel.

The spirit of excellence does not stay when there is defilement is in the life of a person. All works of iniquity bring defilement. Sexual sin, talkativeness, indiscipline, corruption, alignment with the wrong people, idol worship, involvement with witchcraft, contact with cursed objects, incest and all other forms of ungodiness. Where all these are, the spirit of excellence goes far away from there.  


The absence of the spirit of excellence is a curse. This curse is very potent, it tears the kingdom away from the one who is supposed leaders and gives the kingdom to subordinates. Priesthood and ministry is impossible where this curse is at work. Anyone living under the curse of Ruben cannot make a mark or serve their purpose in life. The voice of the curse in their foundation speaks against them and is constantly demanding ransom of constant failure.

When a person observes that excellence is not found in their lives; it’s time to zealously seek deliverance in that area, that they may be set free that the spirit of excellence may return.



My Father, shine the light of your gospel into my foundations

Father, have mercy on me

My Father, Deliver me from the curse of “thou shall not excel” that is at work upon my life

My father, give me the capacity to carry the excellency of your power

My father, restore unto me the excellence of Jacob

In the name of Jesus.

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