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The agenda of the enemy for the nation of Israel to self-destroy will be brought o open. Therefore pray for Israel not to begin the of process self-destroy. For American liberalism is as cancer that ravages the holiest place on earth. Lord we pray for the nation of Israel, we nullify the agenda of liberalism the calls to question the authenticity of God.



Why should great Britain mourn, for the children of my people have forsaken the God of their youth all in raves of youthful exuberance, calling right wrong, calling wrong right? There is an opportunity to turn this around. If my people across the UK will humble themselves and pray, revival will begin like the times of old in the year 1406. And the people will seek after God again. Therefore let England arise and return to the foundation of the Word for my hand is not too short to deliver.



There's about to be a great technological revolution around the world. It will not begin in America. Many thought technology has reached its plateau. Something is about to happen that will spill into the next 7 years. The continent of Africa will come to limelight in the next couple of years. I am hearing the voice of the voiceless. The election and the confirmation of election will bring no small unrest before the great calm, There will be great unrest before the great calm. And the nation will emerge with one voice. Who has declared when the Lord has spoken? Who is the kingmaker but the Lord? The voice of the human King Maker has been silenced. The nation of Nigeria will emerge with a voice of leadership. There will be a boost in the economy. Where the world is recording a fraction of growth, there will be double-digit growth for the economy of Nigeria. It is going to be a year where the rest of the world will focus on Africa.



Arise and pray against every eating bacteria wants to spread from the middle east across wildfire across the globe. Put to death every flesh-eating bacteria and plaques of Egypt that wants to ravage the world in 2019



The enemy is trying to harvest many souls through flooding. Many regions will experience flooding. The enemy is trying to harvest many souls, through disaster by water. Make the message of the gospel loud to those around you.



Italy shall seek the Lord again. The birthplace of miracles again.



What is in a fingerprint? In 2019, there will be more revelation in the areas of fingerprint and the things that the Lord has embedded in the fingerprint. I heard the Lord say, "the fingerprint" saga.



Come against every yoke of slavery for the people of Kenya.



There’s a blazing ball of fire about to go through the church in America. It ignites and set them of fire. the deep will call unto the deep to go deeper, the shallow will be consumed. the chaff will be blown away and engulfed by the ball of fire. Many will lose their footing, many will be exposed for what they really are. The fire will be taken to places that are furiously known for darkness. The white house will experience this fire. I see walls and buildings collapsing. The establishment stronghold will be pulled down and godly values will be instituted again.



People with demonic agenda around the president will be exposed. I heard the Lord say, "The remaining “Bannons” will be out. who works like Cannons will be exposed and let go. “I will purify the core of the presidency”. Pray for President Trump that He will not die before his time. There’s an unveiling for the Vice President. I heard the Lord say “President Pence”. Lord, we pray for President Trump's health and administration. Let perfect health be his portion in the name of Jesus.



The liberal will try to push against the church to make decree and laws that will handcuff clergy and ministers of the gospel. In the Christian circle, many will give in, many will fold their hands, many will twist the gospel



- 2019 is the year of reward that will shock many.

- 2019 is the year that the works of darkness will be apprehended on a large scale. It is the year that those who practice witchcraft and divination will be disgraced by the Lord. It is the year that any power that challenges the name of the Lord will be disgraced.

- 2019 is a year of spiritual maturity. A lot of spiritual sons and daughters will come to their place in Christ.

- 2019 is also the year that name of the Lord will be exalted across the world.

- 2019 is a year that worship will be released across in different directions.

- 2019 is a year that those who are pointing the middle fingers to the Lord will be judged.

- 2019 is a year that those who are faking the name of the Lord will be exposed and the name of the Lord will be vindicated.

- 2019 is a year of profitable and unstoppable promotions for those who have wrapped themselves in humility

- 2019 is a year where there will be a lot of military activities in a lot of nations, some for takeover, some for restoring peace.

- 2019 is a year that those who wait upon the Lord will be rewarded.

- There’s going to be great persecution on the body of Christ, there will also be great glory and a great display of the power of the Holy Spirit.

- 2019 is a year that a lot of debts will be paid.

- 2019 is a year that the prideful will be destroyed

- 2019 is a year that those who walk in humility will be rewarded.

- It is a year of 4-dimensional mantle transfer. Many will be commissioned into ministry with the evidence of the power of God in their lives in the areas of Evangelism, Deliverance, Worship  and the Word.

- A year that devours its inhabitant, but the name of the Lord will be might for as many as will not stay secured in the Lord will be saved and for those who break the hedge will be bitten by the serpent those who break the hedge the serpent will bite them.



- Pray that there will be no re-occurrence of the Malaysian Airline incidence on South African, Kenyan and Ethiopian Airlines.

- Pray that lives will not be wasted and come against every impending disaster at sea in 2019

- We come against every impending disaster at sea.

- We nullify every eating bacteria that want to spread from the middle east across wildfire across the globe.

- We put to death every flesh-eating bacteria Every plaque of Egypt that wants to ravage the world, lose your hold in the name of Jesus.


In the Name of Jesus.



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