2019 January Bible Reading Schedule

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January Bible Plan


Happy New Year LightHillers!!!


Glory be to the Lord, we made it to 2019. It's a privilege to be alive today and we don't take it for granted. It is also another opportunity to get closer to the Lord in worship. To go deeper in worship this year, we pray to know Him more.  This year at Mahanaim Chapel, we plan to increase our knowledge of the Lord by studying His word more.  Therefore we encourage you to study the Scripture together as a Church.


We have chosen an annual Bible plan to fulfill this. We have broken down the plan to a monthly calendar schedule to facilitate consistency.  As we begin to read the Scriptures, the plan is set to get us to the completion of the Old & New Testament by December 31, 2018. This sounds great, right? However, our main goal in 2019 is to have a deeper understanding of the word of God. We plan to achieve that by meditating more on the word than we did last year. 


These 5 tips would help you keep to the schedules and grow in the knowledge of the word of God


1. Set a personal schedule: Early in the mornings, Lunchtime or right before bed - and stick to it

2. Pray each time before you begin: Lord, you are my light, enlighten my heart to understand your word

3. Read the scriptures - journal as the Lord speaks to you through His word

4. Pick up a key verse and meditate.

5. Talk to someone about what the Lord ministered to you in His word.



Please download the January plan here.


Feel free to return to the Light Hill discover page to download the other monthly plans.


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